CBL4406_0 8-Pin Circular Cable Connector (for Enclosures), CBL4406

£5.88 £4.90

These waterproof cable connectors allow you to connect 2 cables together while protecting the connection from the elements.

This connector is the female half of a connection that will allow two cables to be securely connected while protecting the connection from the elements. It also allows for quick and easy detaching if you want to switch between external sensors for example. This unit is designed to connect to an enclosure and allow you to plug cables into the enclosure.  

This connector is suitable for cables from 3 - 8mm in diameter.


Shown here is the connector installed on an enclosure with a cable passing through. To install a hole approximately 17mm in diameter will need to be drilled in the case. The matching male connector is also shown, this part must be ordered separately.


Number of Conductors 8
IP Rating 68


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