Dynamic Shunt Regulator, SR5K100V25R

£334.80 £279.00

Dynamic shunt regulator 5kW Max, 200W Cont, 120V Max, 2.5 Ohm

The SR5K Shunt Regulator is a protection subsystem for dissipating the regenerative energy when braking or drastically reducing the speed of electric motors.


The SR5K has been designed to work in conjunction with a wide variety of power sources and motor controllers.

During braking, the regenerative voltage can equal to or even exceed the supply voltage in some cases depending on the rotational inertia of the mechanical system, causing system failures or permanent damage to the power supply or/and the motor controller.

The SRK5K works by monitoring the system’s supply’s voltage and instantly applying a two-level resistive load during overvoltage conditions to absorb up to 5 kilowatts of excess energy and bring voltages back to safe levels.