BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit - Serial with USB Adaptor, 27207

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Our most popular BASIC Stamp microcontroller is the BS2-IC module.

Widely used in education, hobby, and industry, this module has enough program space, execution speed, and I/O pins for many applications.

Combined with Parallax's Board of Education platform and the What's a Microcontroller Parts and Text Kit, you have a bona fide "Getting Started" kit for microcontroller programming and experimentation.

  • Includes USB Adaptor

The What's a Microcontroller Parts & Text Kit guides you through over 40 activities designed to provide you with the best possible introduction to the world of BASIC Stamp programming.

The text contains clear explanations, defines electronics terms in a friendly manner, and most importantly builds your confidence so you can start building your own electronics inventions.

You may use your Board of Education with the other Parts and Text Kits in our Stamps in Class Series.

Kit Contents:

  • BASIC Stamp 2 module
  • Board of Education (Serial)
  • Parallax USB to Serial Adapter with Cable
  • BASIC Stamp Manual
  • CD-ROM (software and documentation)
  • Serial cable
  • What's a Microcontroller Book
  • What's a Microcontroller? Parts Kit
  • What's a Microcontroller Component