AXE Stack 18 Kit

£23.94 £19.95
This great kit lets you easily program your PICAXE 18M2 IC on a breadboard with many additional features.

The HVW 'AXE Stack-18 carries on the tradition of our popular "stack" products with the 18-pin PICAXE microcontrollers. As with our other stacks, the 'AXE Stack-18 mounts on any breadboard for total prototyping flexibility.



  • High quality double-sided circuit board with plated-through holes for easy assembly.
  • Over-voltage and reverse-polarity protected on-board voltage regulator circuit.
  • Bi-Colour power indicator LED (green=correct, red= reversed).
  • Mounts on any breadboard for easy and expandable prototyping.
  • RESET button
  • Provides a sturdy platform that protects the PICAXE IC from damage -ideal for the classroom!
  • PICAXE-18X IC included.


What's In the Kit:

  • Circuit board and all components (including a PICAXE-18X microcontroller)
  • Assembly instructions
  • Programming tutorial


What's Not Included

  • Programming cable*
  • Breadboard*


Assembly Time:

  • Beginner: 20 Min.
  • Expert: 10 Min.