32P, 20 Tooth, 24T C1 Spline Servo Mount Metal Gears (615282)

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Finally a way to drive gears using servos!

The patented 32 pitch Hitec metal gears are designed to attach directly to the output spline of a servo.

  • Face Width = 1/4” (.250”)

  • Pressure Angle = 20°


All gears are broached directly into the metal to ensure a snug fit that will not slip.

These gears are designed to fit the standard 24 tooth Hitec output spline. Patented

  • Gear # of teeth: 20T
  • Pitch Diameter: 0.625"
  • Outside Diameter: 0.688"

# of teeth 20T
Pitch Diameter 0.625"
OD 0.688"
Material Brass
BoreC24T Spline
Weight 0.24oz (6.9g)

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