3272_2 24V/50.9Kg-cm/53RPM 47:1 DC Gear Motor


This DC motor has a 47:1 gearbox, a rated speed of 53 RPM and rated torque of 51 Kg·cm.

  • 12mm Shaft

The 3272 is a 24 volt gear motor, generating 51 Kg-cm of torque at 53 RPM. It's a large motor that provides an amazing amount of torque.

The planetary gearbox on this motor is more sophisticated than a typical spur gearbox and will provide greater efficiency, higher torque, and quieter motor operation.

This revision of the 3272 has had its rear shaft and mounting holes changed to be compatible with the 3531 - Optical Rotary Encoder HKT22.

Motor Properties

Motor TypeDC Motor
Output Power (Mechanical)30 W
Maximum Speed at Rated Voltage53 RPM
Rated Torque43.8 kg·cm
Stall Torque345 kg·cm

Electrical Properties

Rated Voltage24 V DC
Rated Current2.2 A
Stall Current10.8 A

Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter12 mm
Wire Length300 mm
Weight1.7 kg

Gearbox Specifications

Gearbox TypePlanetary
Gear Ratio46 82125 : 1
Number of Gear Trains3
Maximum Strength of Gears306 kg·cm
Shaft Maximum Axial Load200 N
Shaft Maximum Radial Load100 N
Backlash Error
warningThe torque this motor produces when it stalls exceeds the rated strength of the gearbox. This means that stalling or very heavily loading this motor can cause serious damage to the gearbox. To avoid damage, avoid sudden loads or any load higher than the Maximum Strength of Gears spec.