3030_0 3 wire 100' Twisted Cable, 3030

£15.34 £12.78

Thin, economical wiring used to extend Phidget cables. This cable has the same coloring as our Phidget cables - simply cut the Phidget cable and solder this cable to the Phidget cable.

  • Approximately 3 turns per inch.

If you want to use this wire with a Phidgets analog input, you can buy the following connector parts from an online electronics supplier:

  • Molex 50-57-9403 3-Position Cable Connector
  • Molex 16-02-0102 Wire Crimp Insert
Physical Properties
Connector A 3 Loose Wires
Connector B 3 Loose Wires
Cable Length 30.5 m
Cable Gauge 26 AWG