1911 Series 3/8" Round Servo Shaft (25 Tooth Spline, 36mm Length), 1911-0025-0375

£10.39 £8.66

Convert your servo’s H25T spline to a 3/8” round shaft to unlock motion possibilities! This 36mm long servo shaft is ready to be supported by a 3/8” ID bearing to isolate radial loads from your servo.


The round profile allows you to clock your hubs to it however you like. Just rotate the hub to your preferred position and clamp it to the servo shaft. You can then use it to drive a gear, sprocket, or pulley and put your project in motion!

NOTE: This product does NOT include a servo screw. Use the servo screw included with your servo to attach this servo shaft.

Weight 3.7g
Material Aluminium
Finish Clear Anodized
Spline Size H25T Spline