Unitree Go2

Upgraded technology at an incredible price point

Intelligent Side-follow System

By adopting the new wireless vector positioning and control technology, the positioning accuracy is upgraded by 50% with the remote control distance is over 30m squared. Combined with the optimised obstacle avoidance strategy, it can make the Go2 better traverse complex terrain.

Over the Air Upgrades.
Keep improving and evolving to be smarter.

With user authorisation the robot automatically connects to a cloud-based OTA service to upgrade its own programs to continuously improve user experience.

Motor performance enhanced by 30%.

Go2 boasts a peak joint torque of 45Nm, a new internal trace connecting technique, and heat pipe coolers to decrease temperature effectively.

Battery Capacity & Endurance Upgraded by 150%.

The Go2 is equipped with a 8,000mAh battery as standard and can be increased to a 15,000mAh ultra-long life battery. The voltage has been increased to 28.8V to improve motor efficiency, power and stability.

Ultra-Wide 4d Lidar Upgrades Recognition System by 200%.

The Go2 features Unitree's self-developed 4D LIDAR L1 with 360°x90°hemispherical ultra-wide recognition, super small blind spot and a minimum detection distance as low as 0.05m


GPT empowers the Go2 to better understand the world and make decisions.