Unitree Go 1

                          Lightweight and Agile

ISS Intelligent accompanying system

Patented wireless vector positioning and control technology.

  • The Go 1 is situated in the users lateral peripheral vision which is better than the conventional follow mode with natural human-computer interaction. Safe and secure!
  • No need to always look back and worry about whether the robot is lost or has encountered an obstacle.
  • In a complex environment , the user can actively choose a simpler route to help the robot pass.

SSS Super-sensing System

SSS Super-sensing Viewing Angle Coverage:

  • 1 set of fisheye binocular depth sensing angle ≈ 150° x 170°
  • 5 sets of fisheye binocular depth sensing + fisheye AI sensing
  • 1 set of fisheye binocular depth sensing ≈ 4 sets of intel realsense sensing angle
  • Overall 5 x 4 ≈ 20 groups of intel realsense sensing angles
  • Fisheye AI sensing: human recognition, etc.