Unitree Aliengo


With 12 High-performance Servo Motors Aliengo is capable of activities such as running, backward running, left and right side shifting, turning on the spot, creeping forward, rolling over, jumping, crossing or avoiding obstacles, regaining its feet after falling and going up and down slopes/steps.

  • Multi-view, Depth Sensing Vision system

  • Dynamic Athletic Performance

  • Complex Terrain Adaption

  • Long Endurance & substantial Load

  • Extensive External Interfaces & Card Slots

  • Advanced Level of Protection

  • Built-in Intelligent Air-cooling System

Good Stability

If Alien go slips or is pushed it can quickly adjust and return to a stable state.

Multi-view Deep Sensing Vision

Depth Camera 2 sets

Global Shutter and Wide Field of View, minimum Sensing depth of 0.11 meters, up to 1280x720 Depth Resolution

Visual Odometer Camera 1 set

Highly optimized V-SLAM with a closed-loop offset of less than 1% and a delay of less than 6 milliseconds between attitude action and action reflection. The fisheye lens imager, combined with a near-hemispherical 163-± field angle, enables stable tracking when Aliengo is moving quickly.

Programming access

The software control interface, which is divided into high-level interface and the underlying control interface, supports C/C++, ROS, etc.

It is possible to read data from various sensors and motor control down to an individual motor or a single leg movement.

Weight (without battery) 21.5kg ±1kg
Length*Width*Height(stand) 0.65*0.31*0.6m
Length*Width*Height(fold) 0.60*0.31*0.15m
Load 13Kg
Maximum Walking Speed >1.5m/s
Max Climbing Angle 25°
Battery Life 2.5-4.6h
Battery Capacity 12,600mAh
Degrees of Freedom 12
Foot End Sensors 4
Output Voltage 5V, 12V, Bat (24V∼30V)
Encoder of Each Joint Motor Encoder x1、Output-end Encoder x1
Physical Protection of Joint Torque  
HD Real-time Image Transmission  
External Interfaces HDMIx2、Ethernetx2、USB3.0x2USB2.0x1 
Real-time Operation System Movement Control: UbuntuEnvironment Sensing: Ubuntu-ROS 
Sensing Function Depth Camera (2), Visual Odometer Camera (1),Lidar: Single or Multi-line (optional)
Protection Mode Wireless Emergency Stop Protection, Fall Protection
Sports Function Up and down steps, slopes, stairs,Stand up on the ground / Roll over and stand up.Supports walking, running and other high-performance gait development.
Alarm System Low Voltage Alarm, Over-temperature Alarm,Short Circuit Alarm, Overcharge Alarm