Totem Young Engineer Kit: Dog

£30.47 £25.39

Learn basics of mechanics with STEAM kit! 

  • Wire remote controlled walking model
  • 4 legs movement
  • Developing STEAM skills toy
  • Elementary model for learning mechanics
  • Batteries not included
  • Recommended age: 9+
Real life learning through practice
Young Engineer Kit is great for learning the basics of engineering. By assembling the toy, one can learn
  • Basics of mechanics in robotics
  • Simple engineering solutions.
  • Usage of different mechanical parts and tool
  • Same mechanical parts usage in different models/situations.
  • Properties of different materials.
  • Make and understand 4 legs movement
STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) skills help kids to develop critical thinking, creativity and problem solving, also encourages the curiosity about how the world works. Young Engineer Kit: Dog toy, as one of Totem STEAM toys, is a great tool to encourage the development of those skills and interest in STEAM fields in the future.