Small but powerful home or class electronics laboratory.

All-in-one breadboarding and testing unit.

Includes a variety of measuring instruments, ready to use electronics blocks for experiments and is fully compatible with Arduino programming environment.

All in one solution for engineers’ laboratory

Totem Mini Lab is a great platform to experiment and learn basics of electronics and Arduino coding.

No more messy electronics

Using Mini Lab is perfectly simple and fun! You will no longer have to deal with messy wiring, fragile connections and headaches of where to mount every separate part of your experiment. Now prototyping is easy and neat.

This laboratory is meant to be used together with Totem construction system. It allows users to build solid workbenches with integrated breadboards. Moreover, laboratory is compatible with I/O, sensor and audio expansion boards, which can expand the capabilities of the Mini Lab even further.

Perfect for classrooms as well as individual makers

Laboratory includes a variety of measuring instruments and ready-to-use electronics blocks for experiments. Also, it is fully compatible with Arduino programming environment.

While not intended to be used in place of a professional level equipment, Mini Lab has its own advantages. Small size, speed of setup and versatility will suit any maker’s workshop.



LabBoard of Totem Mini Lab

This board has a dual use. Firstly, it can be used as an expansion board to the TotemDuino system, offering easily accessible input and output connections. Secondly, it is a measuring and testing unit. It is containing such modules:

  • Digital to Analog converter – a 3-channel, 12-bit converter, capable of outputting a pre-set voltage in the 0-2.5V range;
  • Voltage measure – 3 inputs in the +-0.5V, +-5V and +-50V range;
  • Current measure – sensing current up to 800 mA;
  • Frequency meter – digital signal frequency measurement module, capable of signals up to 1 MHz;
  • Pulse counter – digital signal pulse counter, counting up to 999,999,999 pulses in a signal;
  • Pulse generator – unit capable of generating finite or infinite series of pulses, with programmable pulse width and period.



TotemDuino of Mini Lab

TotemDuino expands upon the great Arduino UNO platform idea. While it is kept fully backwards compatible with Arduino and a lot of additional features are included as well:

  • Output protection – all of its output pins going into LabBoard protected against over-voltage or short-circuit conditions;
  • Expansion port – a 34 pin flat-cable connection connects to the LabBoard for easy pin access.
  • Powerful 5V regulator – you will be less likely to run out of power while experimenting with higher power loads;
  • Selectable microcontroller logic voltage – TotemDuino can work with both 5V and 3.3V logic voltage just by the flip of a switch.


Mini Lab Frame:

  • No more messy electronics: Mini Lab is organized on 3-dimensional frame: it is easy to see, wire and reach all elements.

  • It is easy to upgrade: add extra mechanics or electronics;

  • Includes all mechanical elements needed for the assembly of the frame: Totem Beams are already cut and ready to use. Totem Magnetic Screwdriver is included;

  • Move your Mini Lab safely without any wires losing connection or mishaps.


Optional Side Panels: expand the Mini Lab 

Optional Side Panels can be used to create an even more immersible experience.

Side Panels contain separate ready-to-use electronics modules such as screens, sensors and switches. All of them help to achieve experience of coding with tangible results.

Mini Lab with Side Panels