TM-9380TH-180 Servo Gearbox 5:1 Ratio, counter clockwise, stock rotation

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TM-9380TH-180 Servo Gearbox. This servo gearbox is to the HSB-9380TH as the Iron Man suit is to Tony Stark. Combining this premium brushless servo with the gearbox creates the paramount of all other servos!  Patented

TM-9380TH-180 Servo Gearbox Bottom view of TM-9380TH-180 Servo Gearbox
TM-9380TH-180 Servo Gearbox

Mechanics: The Top Mount Servo Gearbox framework is fully machined from 6061-T6 aluminium and anodized to resist scratches and wear. The 3/8" diameter solid stainless steel output shaft is supported by a pair of ABEC-5 double shielded ball bearings for smooth operation no matter the orientation of the load. The Top Mount Servo Gearbox has tabs on the top edge of the gearbox so that it can be recessed and mounted to a flat surface with minimal deck-height.  An excellent choice for R/C sailboats, steering assemblies and custom robotics projects.

Electronics: The servo installed into the gearbox gets modified and connected to an external potentiometer so that the amount of rotation is not limited by the servo but dependent on the relationship between the output shaft of the gearbox and the potentiometer connected to it. This patented setup allows the TM-9380TH-180 to rotate up to 180 degrees. An assembled servo gearbox will plug into a servo controller just like any other servo; no additional wiring will be necessary to put it to work!

Ratio 5:1
Assembled Yes
Direction Programming Counter Clockwise (default)
Rotation Proramming Stock Rotation


Max. Rotation Weight (oz.) 6.0V Torque (oz-in) 7.4V Torque (oz-in) 6.0V Speed (sec/60° 7.4V Speed (Sec/60°)
180° 8.92 2360 2360 0.85 0.7


Output Shaft Diameter 0.375"
Servo Included Yes
Voltage Range (recommended) 6.0V-7.4V
Max PWM Signal Range (standard) 700-2310μsec
Max PWM Signal Range (increased rotation) 845-2175μsec
Travel per 1µs Signal Change (Standard Rotation) 0.096°/μsec
Travel per 1µs Signal Change (Increased Rotation) 0.161°/μsec
Max Travel (Standard Rotation) 154°
Max Travel (Increased Rotation) 214°
Direction w/ Increasing PWM Signal Counter clockwise
Feedback Style 5KΩ Potentiometer
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