Sumovore Atmel Brainboard 2.1, KSV-ATMEL

£21.48 £17.90

Not enough flexibility with your Sumovore's standard brain? Want to use free development tools?

Here's your answer - the ATMega8L-based Brainboard lets you program in practically any language, and download the code via ISP header or a simple parallel-port cable!


This new version 2 Atmel Brainboard features:

  • SP-12 and STK-500 programming headers
  • Programming indicator LED
  • 5 general indicator LEDs
  • I2C Bus
  • Regulated 5V and unregulated 6V power
  • Refined I/O usage
  • Small Brainboard footprint
  • Optional expansion bus (and breadboard)


  • Soldering required
  • Kit difficulty 3 out of 5
  • Kit completion time 1.5 hrs