The GraviTrack Solar Marble Machine Kit (Solderless Version) , 60418

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Our GraviTrack Marble Machine Kit is our newest addition to the Marble-Drop mechanism family.

  • Suitable for age 14+


The Solderless Solar version of the Gravitrack marble machine brings the same tick-tock pulse movement but with none of the molten metal!

The only tools required to get this beauty running is a phillips-head screwdriver, a sharp edge, and a bit of elbow grease.

Watch as the sun powers the slow but elegant hand-off mechanism that passes marbles to the top of a sweeping multi-level track. You will witness the fascinating step-by-step action of the arms as the geometry changes periodically.

Patience is rewarded with the plunk, and roll of a successful motion cycle. The more light it gets, the more often it moves. It’s solar-powered stop-action motion!


  •     Intermediate skill level – ages 14+
  •     Soldering NOT required
  •     Basic hand tools required (Phillips screwdriver, craft knife, wood glue)
  •     No batteries included (or needed – it’s solar powered!)
  •     2 hour build time

Kit includes:

  •     1 x Set of laser-cut wood parts
  •     1 x GM3 Motor
  •     1 x 37x66mm solar cell
  •     1 x Solderless SolarEngine board
  •     1 x GMW Motor mount
  •     4 x 3/8″ steel marbles
  •     Assembly hardware