Solarbotics Solar Engine Kit KMSE-U, KMSE-U

£26.46 £22.05

For true DIY, hack the included cassette mechanism into a solar-powered device using the high performance Miller Solarengine which converts light into impressive bursts of energy!

  • High performance, SCC3733-MSE version.

Want a way to get started in electronics, and turn junk into something cool?

Use the BEAM design philosophy of making it solar-powered for really long life!

The components in this kit are the bare necessities for achieving mechanical movement from the universe’s most common energy source - LIGHT.

This means no dependancy on batteries, adaptors, wind up springs, or even you for it to continue "living" its merry life.

Get it assembled, you can move on to find applications for your solarengine, like a solar dragster (solaroller), a bidirectional robot (SYMET), or anything else you’d like to apply battery-less motion!

Click the Downloads tab for the MSE-U Solar Engine Kit Manual