Solarbotics GraviTrack Solar Marble Machine, 60415

£34.79 £28.99

The GraviTrack Marble Machine Kit is the newest addition to the Marble-Drop mechanism family.




The Solar version pulse-moves the elegant hand-off mechanism that passes marbles to the top of a sweeping multi-level track. You will witness the fascinating step-by-step action of the arms as the geometry changes periodically.

Patience is rewarded with the plunk, and roll of a successful motion cycle. The more light it gets, the more often it moves. It's solar-powered stop-action motion!

  •     Intermediate skill level - ages 12+
  •     Soldering required
  •     Basic hand tools required (Phillips screwdriver, craft knife,  wood glue)
  •     Soldering tools required
  •     No batteries included (or needed - it’s solar powered!)
  •     3 hour build time