Solarbotics Ardweeny, KARDW

£11.58 £9.65

Looking to build the smallest, handiest, bread-board friendly Arduino-compatible?

The Ardweeny fits on the back of the included ATmega328, taking up no more valuable breadboard space than the microcontroller itself!


Mr. Kimio Kosaka's "One-Chip-Arduino" project inspired Solarbotics to develop the Ardweeny; the smallest Arduino you can build yourself with through-hole components!



  • Fully Arduino-compatible!
  • Stacks onto the back of an ATmega328 chip (included)
  • Takes same 28-pin footprint as the microcontroller itself!
  • Features Pin-13 LED and reset button
  • Simple construction - only 7 parts plus pins & PCB! *
  • Ideal for breadboard applications


Note: Requires external USB-to-TTL FTDI-type cable or adapter, like the SparkFun Simple FTDI Adapter.