Signal Relay Phidget, REL2002_0

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Switch a small digital signal with this DPDT mechanical relay Phidget. Switch up to 60W of DC power or 125 VA of AC power.


In a simple application where you need to switch a signal line on and off, the Signal Relay Phidget is a quick and easy solution. With a double-pole double-throw style relay, it can switch up to two signals of 60 watts of DC power or 125 VA of AC power each. By nature, this relay Phidget is isolated from load to control, so a power surge in the load side will not damage your VINT Hub or computer.

AC or DC Switching

For DC applications, you can switch a circuit of up to 120V or 2A, as long as the switching power is 60W or less (For example, 30V/2A or 120V/0.5A). Similarly, you can switch up to 2A or 240V AC, to a maximum of 125 VA of power (For example, 62V/2A or 240V/0.5A).

Board Properties

Controlled by Digital Output

Relay Properties

Switch Type DPDT
Switching Speed Max  20 cpm
 Dielectric Strength  1.5kV AC
 Contact Resistance Max  100 mΩ
 Load Current Min  10 μA
 Turn-on Time Max  7 ms
Turn off Time Max 4 ms
Number of Relays 1

Electrical Properties

Load Voltage Max (DC)  120 V DC
Load Voltage Max (AC)  240 V AC
Load Voltage Max (DC)  2A
Load Voltage Max (AC)  2A
Switching Power Max (Real)  60 W
Switching Power Max (Apparent)  125 VA
Current Consumption Min  0 A
Current Consumption Max 20 mA

Physical Properties

Recommended Wire Size 16 - 26 AWG
Operating Temperature Min -40 °C
Operating Temperature Max 85 °C