ServoCity® provides a large selection of mechanical components for use in robotics, RC, education, animatronics, videography, photography, industrial projects, and a wide array of other fields.

Servo Gears

Servocity supply a wide range of Servo Gears; it is important to know which will function best for the task at hand.
Servo gears come in various materials such as nylon, Karbonite, metal and titanium. Nylon gears are typically found in servos with relatively low torque output. Nylon wears well but cannot handle the abuse that other make-ups can. Karbonite gears wear even better than nylon and can withstand abuse better. Metal gears do not wear as well as the nylon or Karbonite gears but are less prone to stripping out when used in demanding applications. Titanium gears are found in the high end servos and have the best wear characteristics and are nearly indestructible.

Motor mounts

Motor Mounts

Motor brackets and mounts provide easy and secure mounting for motors etc. used in your projects whether it is in robotics, electronics or a custom invention. The precision laser-cut steel brackets come with screws and have convenient holes for mounting, which add to their versatility and provide a firm mount for your project.

Shafting & Tubing

ServoCity's shafting and tubing comes in many shapes and sizes. Some have a primary use as an axle, while others have built-in features giving them versatility to also be used as a structural element.
D-shafts are made from 303 stainless steel for superior strength and precision. Rockwell hardness is 83B with a 10 RMS micron rated finish.

shafting tubing
Servocity Channel

Channels and Brackets

Actobotics™ Channel and Brackets are made of high grade aluminium. The unique overlapping hole patterns allow for virtually unlimited mounting possibilities. Standardised sizing allows the use of non-Actobotics components including servos, motors, actuators, and R/C vehicle components.

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