UVTron Flame Detector Package

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The detector package includes both the Hamamatsu C10807-01 Drive Circuit and the R2868 Flame Detector. Combined, these offer outstanding perfomance when looking for sources of UV radiation in the 185 - 260 nm range.

  • Input voltage: 5V
UVTron Flame Detector Package
UVTron Flame Detector Package

C10807 was developed for UV TRON driving circuit as alternative to C3704, that is also used as signal processing circuits. By using a double-sided printed circuit board we cut the area size to half that of conventional drive circuits (C3704 series).

Since the high-voltage supply and signal processor are mounted on the same circuit board, the C10807 can operate as a high-sensitivity UV sensor just by connecting a UV TRON and supplying a low DC voltage.

The signal processing circuit cancels out background discharges which may occur in the UV TRON due to natural excitation light (cosmic rays, solar UV rays, etc.). This minimizes erroneous detection so the C10807 output signal can be used without additional filtering.

Combining the C10807 with a high-sensitivity "UV TRON R9533, R2868"  for use as a flame detector yields sensitivity capable of detecting the flame from a cigarette lighter (flame length 25mm) even at distances up to 5 meters away.

Parameter   C1087-01 Description/Value Unit
Output Signal Open collector Output (50V, 80mA) 10ms with pulse output¹  -
UVTON Supply Voltage 350 ² V
Quenching Time Approx. 25 ms
Suitable Ambient Temperature³ -10 to +50 °C
Input Voltage (DC) C1087-01 5±0.25 V
Current consumption (Max) 0.3  mA
Weight Approx. 12 g


¹ The output pulse width can be extended up to about 10 s by adding a capacitor to the circuit board.

² Since the output impedance of this power supply is extremely high, an ordinary voltmeter cannot be used. Use a voltmeter that has an input impedance of more the 10 GΩ.

³ No condensation.


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