USB-TPA64 Thermopile Array

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Utilising the fantastic AMG8833 thermopile array from Panasonic, the USB-TPA64 offers a complete temperature imaging solution.

USB-TPA64 Thermopile Array
USB-TPA64 Thermopile Array

Video above is taken from our C# example. The top image is raw data painted to the screen, the bottom are after bilinear and bicubic interpolation. The sensor even shows a heatspot for the camera in the top right!

  • Temperature detection of two-dimensional area: 8 × 8 (64 pixels)
  • Temperature range of 0°c to +80°c
  • Temperature accuracy of +/- 2.5°c
  • Human detection at up to 7m
  • Viewing angle 60°, optical axis gap 5.6°
  • Weight is only 4g
  • Size 24mm x 32mm
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