Sensor Sampler Kit

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This is a sensor sampler kit that was put together to allow for the most versatile use of different sensors.
Sensor Sampler Kit
Sensor Sampler Kit

The kit includes the most popular sensors that Parallax offers, including the PING))), PIR, and the multi-axis sensors; which can be used together or independently to create a elaborate project.


  • Motion Detection
  • Angle and G-force sensors
  • Distance/ Range detector
  • Compass navigation

This Kit Includes:

  • Memsic 2125 Accelerometer
  • Sensirion Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Flexiforce Sensor
  • PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor (PIR)
  • Hitachi HM55B Compass Module
  • Hitachi H48C Tri-Axis Accelerometer
  • Piezo Film Vibra Tab
  • QTI Sensor
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