T7-Pro Multifunction Data Aquisition Unit

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With 16-bit to 24-bit analog inputs, the option to use USB, Ethernet, or WiFi, and numerous built-in firmware features, the T7 can help you accomplish nearly any data acquisition need.

T7-Pro with cables T7-Pro Communication Side T7-Pro with CB15 and CB37 Terminal Boards LabJack T7-Pro T7-Pro DB Connector Side
T7-Pro with cables

It's great for acquiring signals from virtually any kind of sensor, and can serve that sensor data out through any of its 3 communication interfaces.

With instrumentation amplified inputs, software selectable gain settings, dozens of digital I/O features, and a Modbus TCP front-end, the T7 is our most versatile multifunction DAQ platform.

Common applications include laboratory research, industrial control and monitoring, automated testing, and prototype development. Additionally, T7 devices are capable of stand-alone operation by running Lua scripts.

Analog Input

  • 14 Analog Inputs built in (16-24 Bits Depending on Speed & Device Type)
  • Expand to 84 analog inputs with Mux80 add-on
  • 16-bit high-speed ADC (up to 100k samples/s)
  • 24-bit low-speed ADC (resolution as low as 1uV noise-free)
  • Software Configurable Resolution Settings
  • Single-Ended Inputs (14) or Differential Inputs (7)
  • Analog input ranges: ±10V, ±1V, ±0.1V and ±0.01V
  • All analog input features are software programable by configuring the Analog Input Registers
  • High speed sampling configurable by using Stream Mode. Speeds up to 100kS/s
  • Low Latency Sampling and Control (less than 1ms) is made easy with Command-Response Modbus messages
  • Easy integration with sensors like thermocouples, load cells, bridges, and more ...

Analog Output

  • 2 analog outputs (12-bit, 0-5V)
  • Future support for waveform generation via Stream Output
  • Integrated LJTick-DAC support for multiple +/-10V outputs

Digital I/O

  • 23 Digital I/O
  • Supports SPI, I2C, and more... (Master Only)
  • 5 PWM Outputs with individual phase control
  • 5 Pulse Outputs with configurable number, frequency, and width
  • 2 Frequency Inputs returning both frequency and period
  • 2 Pulse Width Inputs measuring time spent high and low as well as duty cycle
  • 2 Line-to-Line Inputs measuring the time between edges on 2 different lines
  • 4 High-Speed Counters
  • 6 Software Counters w/ debounce capabilities
  • 6 Quadrature Inputs
  • Information about Digital I/O features can be found in the DIO Extended Features section of the T7's datasheet

Fixed Current Outputs

  • 200 µA
  • 10 µA

Communication Options

  • USB
  • Ethernet

Other Highlights

  • Built-In CJC Temperature Sensor for easy thermocouple temperature readings
  • Watchdog system
  • Field Upgradable Firmware
  • Programmable Startup Defaults
  • Industrial temperature range (-40 to +85C)


Every feature of the T7 can be accessed directly using the associated Modbus TCP address, or use the LJM Library to access all features by name. This provides a powerful yet simple interface for almost any language or program.

LJM Features

  • Cross platform
  • Supported in multiple languages
  • Completely Free
  • Well-documented User's Guide
  • Device discovery
  • Modbus Name-To-Addressinterpretation
    • Ability to interpret LabJack register names such as "AIN0"
  • Error-To-String Interpretation
  • Robust debugging interface
  • Utility functionsto:
    • Convert bytes to values
    • Perform thermocouple calculations
    • Convert IP and MAC numbers
  • Versatile Library configurations
  • Threaded data streaming and buffering
  • Thread-safe

T7-Pro vs. T7

The T7-Pro has the following additional features:

  • 802.11b/g WiFi connectivity.
  • Low-Speed and High-Resolution (24-bit) sigma-delta ADC.
  • Battery Backed RTC for stand-alone data logging.
  • Factory Installed microSD card for stand-alone data logging.
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