GP2Y0A60SZ Distance Sensor (10 cm to 150 cm)

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The GP2Y0A60SZ distance sensor from Sharp. Offers a wide detection range of 4″ to 60″ (10 cm to 150 cm), and a high update rate of 60 Hz.

GP2Y0A60SZ Distance Sensor (0cm to 150cm) GP2Y0A60SZ Distance Sensor side view
GP2Y0A60SZ Distance Sensor (0cm to 150cm)

Sharp’s distance sensors are a popular choice for many projects that require accurate distance measurements. This particular sensor is small and affordable, making it an attractive alternative to sonar rangefinders.

While its wide sensing range and resistance to interference from ambient IR set it apart from other IR distance sensors. With an ability to measure distances from as close as four inches to as far as five feet (10 cm to 150 cm).

This sensor has the widest range of any of our Sharp distance sensors, and its 60 Hz update rate is more than twice that of Sharp’s older GP2Y0A02YK0F analog distance sensor However, this sensor requires external components and has a non-standard 1.5 mm pitch, which can make it difficult to integrate into projects based on a 0.1″ pitch.

There are two carrier boards for this sensor that make it much easier to use, by including these required components ,and providing, a 0.1″-pitch, four-pin interface: ground, power, analog voltage output, and enable.



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