BrickPi is a robot kit developed by Dexter Industries that connects your LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3/NXT sensors and motors to the Raspberry Pi and enables you to program in Scratch, C, Java, Python. Simply stack this board on top of your Raspberry Pi to control up to four NXT or EV3 motors and five NXT sensors. With Dexter Industries custom Raspbian build and a small amount of assembly of the case you will be able to easily get your Lego Mindstorm robot running in no time. Each BrickPi is controlled by two ATMega328s and has a 9V power adapter attached that can effectively power the motors, sensors, as well as the Raspberry Pi itself, therefore freeing the Raspberry Pi from your wall socket or computer. Lego beams can be attached to the top and bottom pieces of acrylic in order to secure the BrickPi and Raspberry Pi to your Lego creation. There are a total of nine NXT connectors attached to the BrickPi four motor ports that also read encoder values, as well as five sensor ports that can read many of the Mindstorms sensors.