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Roboteq, Inc is a private corporation founded in 2002 by Embedded System, Power Electronics and Motor Control Specialists.

AC Induction Motor Controllers

AC Induction Motor Controllers                   

AC Induction motors are industry workhorses thanks to their simple and inexpensive construction. They are commonly used in traction for electric vehicles. AC Induction motors are being used increasingly in robotics and automation applications thanks to advanced electronic controls. Roboteq offers a growing line of single and dual channel Variable Frequency Drives for AC Induction motors, ranging from 60A to 500A per channel. Just match the voltage and current rating using our Product Tables below, or the Product Finder.

AC Induction motors are among the simplest to interface. This is due to their only requiring a 3-wire connection to operate in their most basic mode. More efficient control can be achieved using advanced algorithems, such as Field Oritented Control (FOC).


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Battery Management Systems

Roboteq’s BMS10x0 is a battery management and protection system for building cost-effective, customizable, ultra-efficient and high current power sources using all Lithium Ion chemistry batteries. Roboteq’s BMS10x0 is a Centralized System for 6 to 15 cell Battery Packs and incorporates versatile, configurable system and cell parameters.

With all of the features of the BMS10x0 combined into one product, its applications are almost limitless. Whether it’s mobile robots, electric vehicles, or personal mobility devices, the BMS10x0 is the ideal battery management system for any 12V to 60V device or system employing an ion lithium battery pack of 10 to 1000Ah capacity.

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               Battery management systems


Brushed DC Motor Controllers

Brushed DC motor conrollers             

Brushed DC motors are the most common and least expensive motor types. Choose from five product families and several product references of single, dual or triple channel motor controllers for brushed DC motors, ranging from 20A to 500A per channel. 

Mobile Robots need two motors to move and steer, and only Roboteq can make this work with a single controller. Compared to the traditional One Motor/One Controller approach, the Dual Channel is simpler, cheaper, easier to integrate and maintain.

Motors are coordinated within the controllers, resulting in superior and safer drive characteristics.

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Brushless Motor Controllers

Servo Motor? Hub Motor? Inrunner or Outrunner? From a few Watts to 30kW, if your motor has permanent magnets and has 3 power wires, Roboteq has one or more controllers that will make it turn.

Brushless motor controllers work by creating a rotating magnetic field inside the motor’s coils. The rotor’s magnets then follow to cause rotation. In addition to the common, coarse, 6-step Trapezoidal rotation, Roboteq’s controllers are capable of the more refined and quieter running 512-step Sinusoidal rotation. Thanks to advanced Field Oriented Control (FOC), the motor is always operating at optimal efficiency.

As the name implies, Brushless motors differ from traditional DC motors in that they do not use brushes for commutating the electromagnets. Instead, it is up to the motor controller to apply, in sequence, current to each of the 3 motor windings in order to cause the rotor to spin. 

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           Brushless motor controller


Roboteq Accessories

Roboteq Accessories           



Roboteq offers cables and breakout boards to simplify and accelerate the use of our motor controllers. We also offer a range of communication adapters and tools that are commonly needed during development and tuning.

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