Gigglebot Starter Kit

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GiggleBot is the world’s first micro:bit robot designed for education.

Connect a BBC micro:bit and GiggleBot to bring coding and computational thinking to life.

GiggleBot makes it easy to integrate powerful STEM learning and coding into your classroom.

Gigglebot Starter Kit Gigglebot Starter Kit
Gigglebot Starter Kit

GiggleBot is like a bicycle for your micro:bit. The micro:bit is great, but it will only take your so far. Add some wheels, and it’s amazing how far you’ll go! GiggleBot makes it easy and fun to boost your skills by controlling a powerful little robot.

Meet your “bike rider.” You’ll code micro:bit to control GiggleBot.

The micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning code easy and fun.  Released in 2016, micro:bit was developed by the BBC to encourage children to write software and build new things, rather than being consumers of media. It’s widely used throughout the United Kingdom to help teach coding, computational thinking, and more. 

Meet your robot bicycle. GiggleBot is a fun little robot that you can control with micro:bit.
GiggleBot is a powerful extension that helps you turn your micro:bit into a fully functional robot in under five minutes! It isn’t a toy but it is one of the easiest robot kits you can use in a classroom. You’ll find GiggleBot in thousands of classrooms supporting grades one through nine.


Gigglebot Features

GiggleBot is a wonderful STEM teaching tool that helps your students create, learn, and do more with code. Learn even more when you expand your robot’s capabilities with add-on sensors and servos

      1. Programmable LEDs light up the imagination in everyone.
      2. Attach LEGO® or other brick-based building toys to expand and enhance your robot.
      3. Motorized wheels help your robot navigate its world.
      4. Integrated brightness sensors help your robot “see” and respond to the world around them.
      5. The integrated line follower helps your robot follow predefined paths.
      6. Create robot art with a pen or marker.
      7. GiggleBot is powered by AA batteries so you never have to worry about recharging in the middle of class.


GiggleBot expansions

        • Teach concepts such as weather, environmental impact, and even plant growth with the Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor.
        • The Distance Sensor is like a mini radar system for your robot. Use it to make your GiggleBot respond to nearby objects.
        • Connect some servo motors to help your robot precisely move sensors, custom appendages, or other robot components.
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