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Wheeled Robots

Wheeled robots are not only perhaps the most fun introduction to the robotic world, they can also be used to carry out simple practical tasks. They introduce the user not just to the skills needed to build and engineer robots but also the programming required to make them move, carry objects or explore their surroundings.

Various different kits are available allowing you to build 2, 3, 4 & 6 wheel robot types. Some models are based on the popular Arduino microcontrollers and include features like bumper sensors and ultrasonic range finders allowing them to be used for a range of tasks. Aluminium alloy chassis make for robust construction whilst also being easy to assemble.

Some wheeled mobile robots have conventional drive configurations where others use omni wheel systems that mean they can move in any direction by changing the direction and speed of the wheels, all of which are individually powered, without changing their orientation.

At the top of the range are wheeled robots like the Q.bo which is an open source platform that provides a basis for developments in artificial intelligence and social robotics. It can therefore be used to promote robot use in people’s everyday lives. Not only can it move around it has motorised eyelids and an LED mouth that can be used to make the robot express emotions.

Whatever you’re looking for from a wheeled robot there is a choice of types and configurations to meet your needs and plenty of opportunity to customise your choice to carry out specific tasks.

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  1. Prowler Robot Kit

    Prowler Robot Kit

    Product Code: 637194
    Excl. VAT: €263.93 Incl. VAT: €316.71

    The Prowler™ offers a great starting platform for any robotics project. With 313rpm ball-bearing, metal geared, Premium Planetary Gear Motors and high-traction 5.4” off-road tires, this is one powerful platform! 

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  2. GoPiGo

    GoPiGo Robot Starter Kit

    Product Code: GOPIGO-STARTER
    Excl. VAT: €262.50 Incl. VAT: €315.00

    GoPiGo is a robot car!

    The Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started from scratch including:

    • a GoPiGo Base Kit
    • Raspberry Pi 3
    • Mini Wifi Dongle
    • GoPiGo Servo Package
    • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • microSD Card (with Dexter Industries software)
    • Power Supply (USA Plug)
    • Ethernet Cable

    The Raspberry Pi is a capable brain for a robot.  Dexter Industries makes a number of products to make it easy to interface the Raspberry Pi with electronic sensors, motors, and LEGO parts including the BrickPi, GoPiGoGrovePi and Arduberry.

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  3. 4WD 58mm Omni Wheel Arduino Robot Kit 10020

    4WD 58mm Omni Wheel Arduino Robot Kit 10020

    Product Code: 10020
    Excl. VAT: €259.33 Incl. VAT: €311.19

    This is a 4 wheel drive, 58mm omni-wheel mobile robot kit for autonomous and research applications. It is capable of moving in any direction continuously without changing the direction of the wheels.

    • 58mm Omni-wheel X 4
    • Arduino 328 Microcontroller
    • Arduino IO Expansion
    • Namiki DC Motor with encoder x 4
    • 12V NI-MH Battery X 1
    • Width: 180mm
    • Height: 60mm
    • Programmable with C, C++

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  4. Scribbler S3 Robot

    Scribbler S3 Robot

    Product Code: 28333
    Excl. VAT: €228.85 Incl. VAT: €274.62

    The Scribbler S3 the perfect place for students and teachers to begin their STEM/STEAM journey.

    The robust, easy-to-use S3 robot is simple enough to set up in minutes, and is powerful enough to teach engaging activities throughout the school year. Programming, robotics, and even integrating math and art are all possible with the S3.

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  5. Boe-Bot Robot Kit - USB

    Boe-Bot Robot Kit - USB

    Product Code: 28832
    Excl. VAT: €184.94 Incl. VAT: €221.93 As low as: €204.75

    The ever-popular Boe-Bot® Robot Full Kit is now available with a USB-compatible Board of Education (BOE).

    Takes approximately 1-2 hours to put together and includes 50 hours of projects.

    Suitable for 12+ years

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  6. ActivityBot Robot Kit

    ActivityBot Robot Kit

    Product Code: 32500
    Excl. VAT: €163.30 Incl. VAT: €195.96

    It's a great option for first-time robot-builders, as well as for an intro to technology and engineering in Senior Schools and Colleges. Learn real-world engineering skills with the friendly, capable, and peppy ActivityBot

    Step-by-step web tutorials take you through programming its multicore Propeller chip in C, wiring circuits on a breadboard, and building sensor systems so your robot can navigate on its own.

    Following the checkmarks gets you to the fun fast, with optional links for added learning.

    • Recommended for ages 14+

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  7. Streak R/C All Terrain Robot Kit WITH CONTROLLER

    Streak R/C All Terrain Robot Kit

    Product Code: RKI-1551
    Excl. VAT: €129.74 Incl. VAT: €155.69

    Streak is a outdoor robot with 4 High Torque DC Geared motors and High quality 10 CM wheels.

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  8. GoPiGo Robot Base Kit

    GoPiGo Robot Base Kit

    Product Code: GOPIGO_BASE
    Excl. VAT: €127.41 Incl. VAT: €152.89

    The GoPiGo2 Base Kit is perfect if you already have a Raspberry Pi and want to get it moving. It includes the GoPiGo2 board, chassis, wheels, motors, encoders, and power battery pack

    Also need a Raspberry Pi? The best value is the Starter Kit, which includes all you need to get started from scratch! .

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  9. 3WD 48mm Omni Wheel Robot Platform Chassis

    3WD 48mm Omni Wheel Robot Platform Chassis

    Product Code: 15001
    Excl. VAT: €113.54 Incl. VAT: €136.25 As low as: €114.95

    This is a 3 wheels drive mobile robot chassis utilizing omni wheels. It capable of moving in any direction by changing the velocity and direction of each wheel without changing its orientation.

    The kit includes DC motors with encoders, and with pre-drilled screw holes it can be easily extended.

    • Dimension: 230.8mm X 202.6mm X 98.5mm

    Available in a black or silver finish.

    Please choose the colour from the dropdown menu below.

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  10. MiniRover 4WD Chassis V2

    MiniRover 4WD Chassis V2

    Product Code: MR100-001.2
    Excl. VAT: €84.53 Incl. VAT: €101.43

    The Microbot MiniRover 4WD Chassis V2 is the ideal choice for those who want to begin exploring the exciting world of robotics by experimental practice; the choice of the Microbot MiniRover 4WD Chassis V2 allows to take advantage of 4 powerfull gearmotors and above all a rugged aluminum structure to make hundreds of projects, from simpler to more advanced ones.

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Wheeled Robots

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