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Walking Robots

Walking robot kits have become very popular with programming, PC and gaming fans, and these incredible technological beings can be controlled via a program installed on a computer or via a wireless remote. The TV show ‘Robot Wars’ has created a generation of robot fans who want to build their own machines and mod them to suit their requirements.

Active Robots offers a wide selection of walking robots that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are suited to all purposes. These kit robots are ideal for a hobbyist and can be modded as desired, with each component being supplied separately for the build. Made from the toughest materials and designed to withstand regular use, the robot kits are simple enough for both beginners and sophisticated enough for the serious robotics fan.

Walking robot kits contain all components required to build a fully operational model. If sensors or batteries and other equipment are sold separately, this will be listed. PC programs are also included in some of the kits, allowing the robots to be controlled with a PC, whereas other models have modifiable code that can be altered to suit the robots desired movements and specifications.

A range of Biped robots are available, and most of the Biped kits include everything needed to build and control the robot, unless otherwise stated. Autonomous-behaviour models, combo kits and PC-controlled biped robots have all been manufactured to meet the highest possible standards. 

Robots that are able to perform in this way are a clear indication of how technology and software has matured, and how a model can be combined with cutting-edge software to create a functional product that can be controlled from afar.

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Walking Robots

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