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Baxter Research Robot

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The Baxter Research Robot Package (includes Robot Torso, Pedestal & Grippers). Active Robots is proud to be working in partnership with Rethink Robotics as the UK & European distributor for this revolutionary new robot. Baxter is a compelling new addition to the world of corporate and academic research which is taking the worlds labs by storm!

Baxter is completely safe so no need to cage this robot making it the perfect lab partner.

Baxter's key innovations have been recognised with a series of awards including:

  • Time Magazine's "Best 25 Inventions of 2012"

  • MIT technology Review's "10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2013"

  • 2013 "Edison Awards" Gold Winner in Applied Technology Innovation

Complete Baxter Pricing

Please visit our dedicated research website for Baxter Case Studies or to arrange a local demonstration: www.active8robots.com

Baxter Research Robot leverages the same impressive safety features, ease of use and affordability as the original Baxter robot for manufacturing, while offering several added characteristics that make it an ideal fit for labs.

Baxter Research Robot allows research teams to focus on specific application development goals, including human-robot interactions, collaborative robotics, planning, manipulation, control, and perception.

Whether your focus is product testing or developing the next big innovation in robotics, Baxter Research Robot is the ideal platform for your success.

Research Applications Include:

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Computer / Machine Vision
  • Corporate R&D
  • Education & Outreach
  • Human-Assistive Robotics & HRI
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Mechatronics & Grasping
  • Planning & Manipulation

Research Software Development Kit

Open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) utilising the Robot Operating System (ROS) platform. Open repositories of code available via Github, enabling group collaboration and sharing.

Connect to Baxter over LAN using a Linux workstation running ROS and the Baxter SDK.

Full support of the Unified Robot Description Format (URDF), allowing robot dynamics to be modelled and simulated.

Position, Velocity and Torque feedback data from every joint; direct access to camera feeds; access to Navigator Human Interface Devices and all other sensors.

Position, Velocity and Torque control of every joint via SDK joint control classes or a standard ROS publisher.

Access to Zero Force Gravity Compensation mode (Zero G), allowing you to integrate programming by demonstration into your research.

Rvis support: Utilise ROS's Rvis 3D visualisation environment to view sensor and environment data to allow development and debugging.

MoveIt! integration allowing use of MoveIt!'s planning, manipulation and kinematics libraries for advanced control. Utilise Inverse/Forward/Jacobian Kinematics capabilities along with Motion Planning via OMPL, SBPL, CHOMP and IKFast libraries integrated with MoveIt!'s environment representation, collision checking and constraint evaluation abilities.

Gazebo simulation support: work with a virtual model of Baxter to enable early stage development and testing on cutting edge research that may not be ready to run on the robot. Enable large groups of students to work on projects and development at any time and then use the same code on the physical robot during scheduled lab access times.

Ease of integration with additional ROS libraries and external software libraries such as OpenCV.

Open-source end-effector specifications, including mounting plates and control interface. The RS422 based control interface is available to access, allowing design of custom manipulators that are fully compatible with Baxter.

Receive specifications and CAD files for gripper fingers to allow custom grippers to be 3D printed or fabricated for custom grasping and manipulation.

Workstation Required Specification:

  • Intel i5 or above
  • 4Gb RAM or above
  • Minimum 10Gb HDD space
  • Ethernet


Baxter consists of 2x 7-degree-of-freedom arms, with inbuilt feedback systems.

Safety cages are not required: Baxter utilises Series Elastic Actuators that enable force sensing at every joint, so a collision between Baxter and a Human or object will be detected and Baxter will stop.

Baxter has 3 cameras, 2 in the wrists and 1 in the head.

Position, Velocity, and Torque sensing on every joint.

360 degree sonar array.

3-axis Accelerometers and Infra-Red rangefinders in each wrist.

Navigator, Human Input Devices.

Zero Force Gravity Compensation mode available for each arm to allow Zero G teaching by demonstration.

Installation and Training

Active Robots can offer installation and training for the Baxter Research Robot. We can deliver and install the robot into your laboratory, including workstation setup, testing and robot calibration. Additionally we provide training on how to use Baxter with the SDK and how to quickly integrate the robot into your research goals. This includes an introduction to ROS, the Baxter SDK and a series of hands on examples where your researchers will work through a series of exercises and access a range of Baxter’s systems, including controlling Baxter’s limbs, reading sensors and integrating external software libraries.

Warranty and Maintenance

A warranty can be added to Baxter; this is available in 1 or 2 year durations and covers the Baxter Research Robot hardware (parts and labour) for the period chosen. We at Active Robots have Rethink Robotics trained engineers on hand and a stock of parts to quickly respond to any hardware issue.

Research SDK Wiki

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