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The piCOBOT® gripper for collaborative robots from Piab 

Piab’s piCOBOT® mounted on a collaborative robot designed to act as a flexible co-worker in a variety of production, packaging or assembly lines.

Adaptable, powerful, compact and lightweight, it really offers the ideal extra “pair of hands”.
Our gripping and moving solutions such as piCOBOT® help thousands of customers in a wide range of industries globally, to improve energy-efficiency, productivity and working environments.

Ergonomic, safe and adaptable, our user friendly solution promises to increase productivity while eliminating the risk of injury to your team.

  • Increase speed with high reliability
  • Increase uptime and operational savings
  • Very customisable
piCOBOT piCOBOT ® piCOBOT® – Small, powerful and ready to collaborate with human and cobot workers! – Piab

The piCOBOT® is now configurable for your specific application and also changeable upon future needs. Thanks to the multistage COAX® cartridges the high flow capacity of piCOBOT® is outstanding. It can grip anything from very porous to sealed material. A vacuum system based on COAX® technology can provide you with three times more vacuum flow than conventional systems, allowing you to increase speed with high reliability while reducing energy consumption.

Designed to be fitted to the end of any type of cobot arm, piCOBOT® is combined with adjustable and flexible grippers that can be fitted with a variety of different suction cups. The 97-142 mm [3.81-5.59”] wide gripper arms can be tilted +/- 15°, providing excellent reach for positioning cups. Fitted on the grippers are our suction cups, acting as the cobot’s hands.

piCOBOT® is now available with a generic electrical interface as well as several options for mechanical mounting plate dimensions in accordance with the ISO 9409-1 standard, enabling it to be configured to work with any collaborative robot and smaller industrial robots.

Max feed pressure, MPa 0.7/(101.5psi)
Vacuum level, -kpa 84
Weight, g 510
IP classification 54
Max payload, N 70
Adjustable length cups, mm 97-142
Weight (excl cups) 210
Thread  G 1/4
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