PIAB Mini Vacuum Generator

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Simple in-line module that can be used to generate a vacuum for a compressed air supply.

Mini Vacuum Generator
Mini Vacuum Generator

Patented COAX® cartridge technology, quick and easy installation directly on the hose, with high vacuum flow.

  • High vacuum flow capacity in relation to energy consumption.
  • Low weight inline design with push-in fittings for vacuum and compressed air.
  • Quick and easy installation directly on the hose.
  • Si cartridge for extra vacuum flow.
  • Pi cartridge for high performance at low feed pressures.
  • Xi cartridge when high flow and deep vacuum is needed.
Material CuZn, PA, SS, Al, Nitrile (NBR)
Noise level 81 – 85 dBA
Temperature 14 – 176 °F
Weight 0.81 oz
Feed pressure, max 102 psi
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