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If you have decided to buy ready assembled robots rather than building your own, we have a great range of robots that are ready to go. Unlike a build-your-own, a ready assembled robot can be utilised straight out the box so it saves you the time of building and perfecting your own machine.

The Scribbler 3, is suitable for a variety of different programming skills. The robot comes out of the box with programmes pre-installed, but also has the ability for the user to add a variety of their own programming skills if they wish to customise performance. The out-of-the-box mode has 8 different demo functions that include object detection, line following and light-seeking. The robot can indeed scribble, and if a marker pen is placed in the pen port, it will draw as it drives. Use just the demo modes, or make programs in two formats; build programs from picture tiles utilising the Scribbler Program Maker GUI software or write text-based scripts utilising the BASIC Stamp editor software.

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  1. Assembled Zumo 32U4 robot.
    Zumo 32U4 Robot (Assembled with 50:1 HP Motors) Product Code: 3125
    £132.60 £110.50
  2. Scribbler S3 Robot
    Scribbler S3 Robot Product Code: 28333
    £238.80 £199.00
  3. Zumo Robot for Arduino V1.front view
    Zumo Robot for Arduino V1.2 Product Code: 2510
    £95.10 £79.25
  4. Pololu 3pi robot
    Pololu 3pi Robot Product Code: 975
    £94.74 £78.95 As low as £97.20
  5. 3pi Expansion Kit with Cutouts Black
    3pi Expansion Kit with Cutouts Black Product Code: 979
    £11.22 £9.35
  6. 3pi Expansion Kit (without cutouts)
    3pi Expansion Kit (without cutouts) Product Code: 978
    £15.34 £12.78
  7. 3pi Expansion Hardware (No PCB)
    3pi Expansion Hardware (No PCB) Product Code: 1039
    £5.72 £4.77
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