Line Following

A line following robot senses and follows black lines drawn on a white surface. As this type of robot employs such a simple premise and is easier to construct, it is often a popular choice for people who are new or inexperienced in the field of robotics. Using an IR sensor circuit to travel along the black lines, a line following robot does not require RF communication in order to move. The simple but effective technology employed by a line following machine makes this type of robot very good value for money too. As already mentioned, a line follower robot kit makes for a great introduction to the world of robotics for beginners. They are even suitable for people who wish to move on from non-programmable robots to the next level. More advanced line following machines are used within industry, mainly in the manufacturing process and often travel long distances along a set route.

The Pololu 3pi Robot is a very fast mobile platform, capable of reaching speeds up to three feet per second. The compact size of the 3pi means it can make highly precise turns and spins which a larger machine may not be able to do. This model makes an excellent purchase for those who have some experience of C programming whilst still being suitable for beginners who wish to learn this side of robotics.

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  1. Scribbler S3 Robot
    Scribbler S3 Robot Product Code: 28333
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  2. 3pi Expansion Hardware (No PCB)
    3pi Expansion Hardware (No PCB) Product Code: 1039
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  3. 3pi Expansion Kit with Cutouts Black
    3pi Expansion Kit with Cutouts Black Product Code: 979
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  4. 3pi Expansion Kit (without cutouts)
    3pi Expansion Kit (without cutouts) Product Code: 978
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  5. Pololu 3pi robot
    Pololu 3pi Robot Product Code: 975
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