In this section you will find a wide range of popular Self Build & Ready Assembled Robotics products to suit everyone's taste. Building a robot from a kit is the perfect foundation for any Robotics experience. In fact, when you build and assemble a robot kit, you learn about core STEM subjects, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Robot kits are a lot of fun and make excellent educational gifts. For more advanced enthusiasts wanting to create their own robots from scratch, please visit our Robot Parts section.

Engage your imagination, learn some technical skills and have fun all at the same time with a wide range of robotics products. Self build robots are the perfect start.

Learn about the Omni wheel, a four-wheel drive that can roll around in two directions. It moves like an ordinary wheel and can also shift side to side. This is the base that makes the robot manoeuvrable. The Omni wheel is able to change both its speed and its direction without changing its orientation.

Model robot kits come in a range of fun shapes. But the Activity Bot Robot Kit is ideal for first-timers, who can use it to learn real engineering skills. The kit comes with detailed tutorials that take you step by step through programming, circuit wiring, building sensor systems and navigating the final product. You can even add some extra components such as sensors to upgrade the kit.

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  1. piCOBOT
    piCOBOT ® Product Code: PICOBOT
  2. piSOFT GRIP from PIAB
    piSOFT GRIP from PIAB Product Code: 9943891
    £302.40 £252.00
  3. Peewee Runt Rover top
    Peewee Runt Rover Product Code: 637158
    £21.66 £18.05
  4. Romi Chassis Kit colour choices
    Romi Chassis Kit Product Code: ROMI
    As low as £29.94 £24.95
  5. Junior Runt Rover™
    Junior Runt Rover™ Product Code: 637142
    £33.02 £27.52
  6. Herbie the Mousebot Kit
    Herbie the Mousebot Kit Product Code: KHM
    As low as £40.80 £34.00
  7. :MOVE Mini Buggy Kit
    :MOVE Mini Buggy Kit Product Code: ROB-14679
    £43.78 £36.48
  8. SparkFun micro:bot built up chassis
    SparkFun Micro:bot kit Product Code: KIT-14216
    £83.40 £69.50
  9. Pololu 3pi robot
    Pololu 3pi Robot Product Code: 975
    £94.74 £78.95 As low as £97.20
  10. Zumo Robot for Arduino V1.front view
    Zumo Robot for Arduino V1.2 Product Code: 2510
    £95.10 £79.25
  11. Parallax Robotics Boe-Bot Chassis & Parts Kit
    Parallax Robotics Boe-Bot Chassis & Parts Kit Product Code: 28124
    £95.46 £79.55
  12. The Sumovore Mini Sumo Kit
    The Sumovore Mini Sumo Kit Product Code: KSV
    £100.98 £84.15
  13. 3WD 48mm Omni Wheel Robot Platform Chassis
    3WD 48mm Omni Wheel Robot Platform Chassis Product Code: 15001
    As low as £118.48 £98.73 As low as £119.95
  14. GoPiGo Robot Base Kit
    GoPiGo2 Robot Base Kit Product Code: GOPIGO_BASE
    £126.72 £105.60
  15. BrickPi+ and Case
    BrickPi3 Starter Kit Product Code: BRICKPI3START
    £211.50 £176.25
  16. Streak R/C All Terrain Robot Kit WITH CONTROLLER
    Streak R/C All Terrain Robot Kit Product Code: RKI-1551
    £135.38 £112.82
  17. Assembled Zumo 32U4 robot.
    Zumo 32U4 Robot (Assembled with 50:1 HP Motors) Product Code: 3125
    £149.40 £124.50
  18. Parallax Robotics Shield for Arduino
    Robotics Shield Kit (for Arduino) Product Code: 130-35000
    £155.53 £129.61
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