AnyVolt DC-DC Converter

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AnyVolt Micro is a miniature step-up / step-down switching DC-DC converter.

The output is adjustable from 2.6V to 14V and currents up to 0.5A can be drawn.

AnyVolt DC-DC Converter
AnyVolt DC-DC Converter

AnyVolt Micro is useful when you need to step from a lower voltage to a higher voltage, or when your input voltage occasionally dips below the output voltage.

The output voltage is set with a small screw potentiometer on the side of the AnyVolt Micro. Once the output voltage is set, it does not matter whether input voltage is higher, lower, or the same as the desired output i.e. there is no dropout voltage.

The AnyVolt Micro is pin-compatible with the common 78XX series of linear voltage regulators, so it will work with breadboards and other popular prototyping methods.

AnyVolt Micro is very different from any other DC-DC converter on the market so please read the entire datasheet thoroughly before buying or using one.

Product Specs

Model: AnyVolt Micro
Performance: 2.6V to 14V output voltage range
2.6V to 14V input voltage range
0.5A max input or output current at < 10V
(please see datasheet for current ratings at higher voltages)
<50mV typical ripple
No external components needed
Protective features: Overcurrent protection
Thermal (overheating) protection
Shorted output protection
Applications: Lab work and prototyping
Powering 9V and 12V video transmitters
Powering small audio amplifiers
Driving multiple LEDs in series
Backlit LCD drive
Solar powered applications
High power crystal based radio transmitters Battery powered applications
Renewable energy source applications
Universal battery charger
Powering things from two AA batteries
Powering things from a single lithium cell
USB powered mayhem
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