RoboPad Kit Extendable Collector contacts, 90mm wide, 100A

£420.00 £350.00

The RoboPads charging contact system offers a precision, high current charging solution for mobile robots and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV).

The RPCOL90-100 is the collector unit with extendable contacts. It include a Hall sensor that closes when Collector pads extend to make contact with the base. Unlike conventional spring-loaded contact products commercially available,

RoboPad utilizes high energy magnets to control the connection and disconnection action automatically, while using no additional power from the mobile systems batteries.

The base’s ultra-low profile, and the collector’s extension range, allows for far more compact charging configurations over any other charge system, in permanent factory and business environments.


Operating Voltage 1V to 200V
Operating Temperature -40 to +85degC
Dimensions Collector Extended 90mm x 56mm x 42mm
Dimensions Collector Retracted 90mm x 56mm x 32mm
Extension range 10mm
Max Current 100A
Continuous Current 75A
Contact Pressure 1.5kg
Alignment tolerance +/-5mm
Hall sensor voltage 4.5 to 24V
Dimensions 35mm x 90mm x 42mm
Weight 100g