Wireless Control for Robotics

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Control your Boe-Bot wirelessly using RF communication. Freedom to control your robot up to approx. 150 feet (line of sight)

The MEMSIC 2125 accelerometer allows you the ability control the direction of your Boe-Bot by tilting your homework board.

Wireless Control for Robotics
Wireless Control for Robotics


  • Wireless control of your robot or other robotic projects 
  • Freedom to control your project up to 500 feet (depending on conditions) 
  • Easy setup with step by step instructions written by Andy Lindsay (author of "Robotics with the Boe-Bot") 


Kit Contents:

  • Homework Board 
  • Parallax 433 MHz RF Receiver 
  • Parallax 433 MHz RF Transmitter 
  • Memsic 2125 Dual-axis Accelerometer
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