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Digital Audio RF Modules

Active-robots.com are able to provide a range of high-quality digital audio RF modules. These are ideal for providing audio playback and high-speed data transfer capabilities to your builds.

An MP3 playback module will allow you to add high-quality audio playback capability to your robot builds. As well as MP3, a range of other audio formats can be handled by these modules such as WAV, PCM/RDPCM and IMA. Tracks and files can be stored on an SD/SDHC or MMC flash memory card, which some modules can also use to create and store tracks. MP3 playback modules use an 1/8" audio jack for communication with audio headsets and some speakers.

Versatile interfaces allow MP3 modules to access and trigger a large number of tracks from the flash memory storage. This opens up a wealth of possibilities for your robot builds including music playback, speech and sound effects. Some modules also allow for the recording and creation of files for later playback. Many modules also allow data to be read, stored and edited simultaneously with playback.

A wireless digital audio RF module will deliver high-speed, high-quality data transmission through the use of GSFK modulation. This provides at least 300 feet of reliable line-of-site transmission. With 8 frequency channels and auto-scanning, it is easy to find an effective frequency that is free from local interference.

With 48kHz stereo audio, these modules provide high-quality playback. Low latency is combined with high output power and high sensitivity to ensure that all sound is captured and preserved with maximum fidelity.

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Digital Audio RF Modules

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