Process Control Parts Kit

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This Parts Kit contains all of the components needed to perform the experiments in Process Control v1.0.

While working with your own A/D converter, light sensor, tachometer, and incubator control systems, you will learn these real-world industrial control principles

Process Control Parts Kit
Process Control Parts Kit

Throughout the activities, the powerful StampPlot Pro graphical software interfaces provide monitoring, interactive control, and logging to help you analyze your data.

A PC and Board of Education Full Kit (#28103) are required to use this product. The necessary StampPlot Pro, Macros, and BS2 source code can be downloaded.


  • Flowcharting 
  • Mechanical and digital switching
  • Open and closed loop systems 
  • Control methods including on-off, differential gap, and PID 
  • Managing error, spurious signals and bounce 
  • Transistor and Operation Amplifier principles 
  • High-voltage/Current interfacing and PWM 


Note: Process Control by Martin Hebel replaces his earlier book Industrial Control in the Stamps in Class Series. Item contains a CdS cell photoresistor. The RoHS exemption request status for CdS cells is currently unclear; there are no RoHS-compliant exact replacement devices available.

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