Pololu High-Power Motor Controller 18v15, 1376

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The Pololu Simple High-Power Motor Controller 18v15 makes basic control of brushed DC motors easy, with free Simple Motor Control Center software enabling quick configuration over USB.

  • Fully assembled

The controller supports four interface modes:

  • USB
  • TTL serial
  • Analogue voltage
  • Radio control (RC)


The 1376 operates from 5.5 to 30 V and is efficient enough to deliver a continuous 15 A without a heat sink. It ships with the power capacitor and connectors installed as shown.


Size: 2.1" x 1.1" x 0.5"
Weight: 14 g

General specifications

Motor channels: 1
Control interface: USB; non-inverted TTL serial;
RC servo pulses; analog voltage¹
Minimum operating voltage: 5.5 V
Maximum operating voltage: 30 V
Continuous output current per channel:

15 A²

Maximum PWM frequency: 21.77 kHz
Maximum logic voltage: 3.3 V³
Reverse voltage protection?: N
Partial kit?: N


  1. Autodetects baud rates between 1200 and 500,000 bps, or can be set to any fixed baud rate in this range.
  2. Typical results at room temperature without a heat sink.
  3. All digital inputs are 5V tolerant.