Pololu is an electronics manufacturer serving education, hobbyists, and professional engineering industries with products ranging from sensors and motion control electronics to motors and wheels to complete robots.

Robot Kits

Pololu has a wide range of affordable robot kits with soldering or without soldering. We have various beginner-level robot kits as well as advanced walking robots, robotic arms, and our high-performance wheeled and tracked robots.

Motor mounts


Pololu have a variety of wheels available for almost any purpose.

In the Pololu Wheels range they have a selection of plastic wheels in a variety of sizes and colours. Most are designed for use with 3 mm D-shafts and many can be combined with mounting hubs for use with larger shafts.

Pololu also supply the large DAGU Wild Thumper Wheels which are 120mm in diameter and can either be used as replacements or for custom robots that need to traverse complex, rugged terrain.


Pololu supply a range of robot chassis, many of which are perfect for small mobile robots, often allowing your creations to qualify for Mini Sumo competitions. The Pololu round robot chassis is a compact 5-inch base, laser-cut out of colored acrylic, designed for small mobile robots. This circular chassis is intended for use with the Tamiya twin-motor gearbox, ball caster, and truck tyres. This chassis base plate is a round piece of 1/8" (3 mm) acrylic with a 5" (127 mm) diameter and cutouts for building a differential-drive robot chassis. The chassis has assorted general-purpose holes and slots that support many configurations of sensors and other robot components.

Pololu Motors


Pololu's range of motors is wide, and constantly growing. Their brushed DC metal gearmotors will let you choose the optimal torque and speed for your application.

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