3316_0 PM21L-21-14 51g-cm Unipolar Stepper, 3316

£3.48 £2.90

This motor is good for turning small knobs, buttons, etc.

  • Small Torque
  • Step angle: 18°
  • Holding Torque: 50 g-cm @ 0.08 Amp
  • Step Angle 18°
  • Step Accuracy 7%
  • Holding Torque 50 g-cm / 0.69 oz-in
  • Voltage 12V
  • Rated Current 0.08A
  • Shaft Diameter 1.5mm
  • Weight 24g
  • Number of Leads 6

The 3316 stepper motor connects to:

1062 - PhidgetStepper Unipolar 4-Motor
1063 - PhidgetStepper Bipolar 1-Motor

The following table shows how to connect the motor wires to the board connectors to produce a clockwise rotation in the stepper motor when increasing position. To wire for counter-clockwise rotation when increasing position, reverse the red and blue wires.

Wire Color Orange Red Yellow Black White Brown
Board Connector + A B C D +

To connect the motor to the 1063 simply leave out the Orange and Brown wires.

Note: Make sure to unplug the power cord from the controller board before switching wires around.