1120_0 Phidget Flexi Force Adapter, 1120

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The FlexiForce adapter allows you to connect one FlexiForce FSR to a an Analog Input or VINT Hub port.


The 1120 FlexiForce Adapter makes it easy to interface a Tekscan FlexiForce force sensor to an Analog Input or VINT Hub Port.

This adapter also includes two round plastic discs to help focus the force directly onto the sensing pad.

The "active sensing area" is a 0.375” diameter circle at the end of the sensor.

Comes Packaged With:

  • 3002 – 60cm Sensor Cable
  • a FlexiForce Interface Cable
  • two round plastic discs for the FlexiForce Sensor sensing pad

Note: Before using your FlexiForce Sensor we recommend that you read the Flexiforce FAQs and User Manual paying special attention to Calibration and Conditioning.

Sensor Properties

Sensor Output Type


Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min

4.5 V DC

Supply Voltage Max

5.3 V DC

Current Consumption Min

2.6 mA

Current Consumption Max

3.2 mA

Current Consumption (Overload)

10.9 mA

Measurement Error Max

± 5 %

Physical Properties

Recommended Wire Size

16 - 26 AWG

Operating Temperature Min

-40 °C

Operating Temperature Max

105 °C