Parallax Robotics Boe-Bot Chassis & Parts Bundle

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This compact, high-quality chassis kit turns any of our Board of Education development platforms into a rolling robot.

The included electronics pack includes all of the components needed to build three sensor systems for autonomous roaming robot.


This includes the Boe-Bot chassis, Whisker Kit, drivetrain hardware, wheels, battery pack, standoffs, screws, etc. The Boe-Bot chassis has mounting slots and screw holes that may be used for customizing your robot with whiskers, additional prototype space, sonar applications, or even a robotic arm. The electronic components required for the Robotics experiments are also included in the Robotics Parts Kit. Medium to high challenge and very fun!

The Board of Education or other suitable controller is required to use this product or purchase the complete Boe-Bot robot. With the whiskers, you can make your Boe-Bot robot detect and avoid obstacles. The Whiskers are included in the Robotics parts kit and the Boe-Bot Full Kit.