Did you know Active Robots are distributors of the Nao Robot with Zora solution? Say hello to the robot solution Zora. Who cares? Zora cares! Zora is there for those who need help, be it the young or the elderly, it is the first robot in the world that takes care of you. Zora is already being used in 30 hospitals but would also be well suited to an educational or care environment. Both friendly and playful; she can be used for almost anything from interactive therapeutic to playing educational games with your child whilst they wait for the doctor. With a human shape and 25 degrees of free movement, whether walking or lying down, she is always balanced. Not only a helper and a carer, Zora is like your best friend- she can be picked up and cuddled and is always there to motivate you until you feel better. She can be a teacher too; Zora has 9 pre-installed languages, including English, Chinese, and German, meaning she can be configured to speak to you in whichever of them you need. She can even translate from one language to another! This feature could be easily implemented for language learning in a classroom environment. One especially impressive and useful feature is Zora’s ability to read QR codes to take instructions, through using the camera in her forehead. A multitude of pre-made QR codes are supplied by the software, and on top of this new QR codes can be made for whichever action or sequence you might wish. These QR Codes mean health care professionals don’t need to know code to program Zora, instead they can simply drag and drop boxes into a timeline to save a new sequence that Zora will perform. This unleashes a whole world of potential- if you were running a child’s event then you could include a personalised code in the invite which, when activated, would cause Zora to welcome the recipient by name. Alternatively, it could be used in paediatrics; if a professional had a QR code loaded for specific age ranges, it could then be set to entertain the different patients in different ways, being a storyteller to some and teaching others how to dance. The possibilities really are endless- you can be as creative as you’d like with Zora. Click here to learn more about the Zora robot.