RoboKits India started out in 2007 and is currently based in Ahmedabad, India. They are a fast growing company with a strong emphasis on innovation through research and development to design and build the latest and greatest in robotics parts and accessories to meet the constantly changing demands of an ever-changing technology driven world.


Robokits goal is to develop cost effective electronics with proven, reliable designs for use within a range of robotics applications to increase participation and make robotics more accessible to people with smaller budgets but the same big ideas.

Whilst their main focus is on the hobbyist market they also strive to develop a range of products to appeal to both educational establishments and industrial applications alike. They have an impressive range of industrial motion control solutions, CNC, wireless, hobby and research robotics, sensors, embedded systems, motors and DIY kits.

Robokits_Streak_RC_2013 Robokits_4cm_pulley Robokits_PS2_20A robokits_tracked_belt_2cm

10_CM_Pulley Wheel 10cm 2cm width robokits_chain_pulley_big Robokits_HT_Enc_motorActive Robots are proud to be the UK distributor for RoboKits India and we hope that you like their products as much as we do, you can find them all here: We will be constantly adding to our product line but you can find the full range on the RoboKits India website ( and as usual we are more than happy to order anything in special at no extra cost.