Robots are an important part of STEM education, and there are many robots that can help children to learn coding. This Robot from UBTECH Robotics is different as it has a purple mane, four legs, and a light-up horn. This week UBTECH launched the UnicornBot which shows the real-life magic of STEM skills in the form of a purple unicorn. The robotic unicorn isn’t just a pretty face, as UnicornBot is the first of the JIMU line to include a colour sensor. It’s compatible with iOS and Android through the app JIMU, which teaches kids how to program the robot to move. It also has a pair of servo motors and one DC motor, and can handle more complex programming.

STEM Education for boys and girls.

It’s nice to see STEM education not only being made more exciting and colourful, but also being marketed towards both girls and boys. This take on a robot for STEM education will certainly brighten up the STEM resources in the classroom. Research shows that science achievement gaps begin to emerge by the end of nursery, and that these gaps continue into secondary school. The alarming fact is that there is no difference in STEM ability, but it is perceived competence that divides them. It is little additions like this UnicornBot that will make STEM education more appealing to young girls, and is a great way to expose them to to the possibilities of a career in the field. Some research claims that STEM activities don’t align with many girls’ interests or creativity. UnicornBot aims to prove that robots and STEM toys can capture girls’ imaginations too, with its rare blend of style and substance. Active Robots sell many items for STEM education, which deliver playful learning experiences.